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Ram Compare


What is RamCompare?

RamCompare is the UKs first commercial national progeny test for terminal sire rams. Over two years, 70 rams have produced nearly 8,000 lambs across six commercial farms. Data from these lambs has been analysed to assess the genetic merit of these rams for traits of economic importance. Therefore growth and carcase trait data has been collected from all lambs on trial which has fed back into genetic evaluations and used to produce new estimated breeding values (EBV’s).

For more information please visit the RamCompare Website.

Preliminary Results from Phase 1 (2016/2017)

Texel rams have topped the rankings in the preliminary results from AHDB Beef and Lamb’s RamCompare trial, with the top five rams for carcass conformation EBVs all being Texels as well as the leading ram for carcass weight also being a Texel.

The initial results from RamCompare which were announced at the Sheep Breeders Round Table, Nottingham, on 18thNovember, show that Texel Ram HME1501742 bred in Matt Hobbs’ Elkstone flock led the way on carcass conformation from more than 70 rams in the trial.

Texel Sheep Society breed development committee chairman Peter Mitchell said these preliminary results from RamCompare demonstrated the excellent all round performance within the Texel breed and showed the commitment breeders had to breed development was being rewarded. “These results very much confirm what everyone associated with the Texel breed has always believed. “The breed delivers what commercial producers, processors and retailers require. Fast growing lambs with exceptional carcass conformation and minimal waste.”

Reports and Publications on the project

Prelimary Results

AHDBs Results Booklet can be found here

Texel Sheep Society report on the results.

Signet Report on what do the initital results mean for Texels?

Seasonal Updates
RamCompare Texel Update January 2017

Quick Project Details

All Texel rams involved with the project. Three new farms have been introduced for Phase 2 (2018).

2016 2017 2018
Gaynes Major CMG06129 Stainton Vantage II WPS1400599 Kimbolton Voyager PPK1400417
Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie EJR1101108 Elkstone 1742 HME1501742 Lumbylaw Madras ORL06032
Drinkstone Union PJP1304727 Penygelli 1802 PAP1501802 Handbank Super Nova PRH1100114
Penygelli 1307 PAP1401307 Tynewydd 927 MDY1400927 Gaynes Rolls Royce CMG1000086
Kimbolton Voyager PPK1400417 Handbank 573 PRH1500573 Drinkstone Top Gun PJP1202836
Miserden Valegro AAS1401351 Rugley 5263 JER1505263 Garngour Nijinsky CJN07579
Tynewydd 927 MDY1400927 Stonedge Wallykazam YDP1500991 Arkle Sandiago WGA1100657
Miserden 1255 AAS1401255 Wealdon 1312 HTW1501312 Beeford Warrior CBS1500509
Rugley JER1505286
Hammerton PBH1401161
Elkstone HME1602449
Boghouse Ultra Muscle JKE3104414
Penygelli PAP1602386
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