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Society Genetic Improvement Services

Texel Sheep Society Genetic Improvement Services

From Spring 2018 the Texel Sheep Society will administer the performance recording services to members. The change is the result of a new agreement between the Society and AHDB Signet Breeding Services.

Performance recording in Texel flocks is currently the backbone of improving genetic progress in the UK sheep industry, with the Texel breed contributing 29% of the sires used across UK flocks and being the sire of 12% of the crossbred ewes in the country too.

Through performance recording Texel breeders are able to identify the best breeding in their flocks and the breed as a whole and deliver increasingly better sires to their commercial customers. Ram buyers are then able to select rams with superior breeding potential for traits of interest to them in developing their flocks.

The programme aligns trait measurement and development perfectly with our large scale research and development projects. As a result of these projects Texel breeders will be the first to access new carcass grading measurement technology – Video Image Analysis (VIA) and adopt novel scoring systems for improving carcass production and managing disease traits. The aim of these projects is to create new systems and deliver the very latest in genomic estimated breeding values (gEBVs) for these traits.

Benefits to Performance Recording

  • DEFRA funded trials have shown that high index rams can both increase carcass weight and reduce days to slaughter giving a benefit of £2.50-£3 a lamb.
  • Increase flocks’ rate of genetic progress by identifying ram lambs suitable for use as stock sires, making more informed breeding decisions and selecting female replacements.
  • Breeders are better able to market their stock, with performance recording giving buyers more confidence in their ram purchases and being able to compare rams more easily between flocks.
  • Commercial producers are now actively seeking rams with the right EBVs for their management system. Accurately selecting EBVs will improve production efficiency and increase profit. A recorded ram can deliver over £600 added benefit during his working lifetime.
  • Selecting rams based on individual trait EBVs means both pedigree and commercial buyers can identify the best sheep to meet their breeding criteria.

AHDB/Signets Performance Recording handbook can be found here

AHDB/Better Returns “Buying a recorded ram for Terminal Sire traits” can be found here

AHDB/Better Returns “Buying a recorded ram” handbook can be found here

AHDB Signet/Better Returns Buying a recorded Texel leaflet can be found here

2018 Fees

Flock Fee


Additional £/ewe

First 50 ewes


51 -150 ewes


151 – 400 ewes


>  400 ewes

Speak to the society office

A surcharge of £95 per flock will apply to members who record in Northern Ireland. This is in line with Signet Breeding Services fee policy.

Flock size is based on the total number of ewes (including recipients) with lambing events recorded on the BASCO database on that year.

If you have any questions about the service or wish to participate, please contact Kat and Ailish at the Society Office. Any queries regarding the evaluations please contact Signet Breeding Services

Ailish Ross
0247 669 6629 Option 4


The Terms and Conditions for the Genetic Improvement Services can be found on the About Us page


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