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Sheep Breeders Round Table

Sheep Breeders Round Table

The Texel Sheep Society, along with Regional Clubs ‘match fund’ the attendance of Texel Young Breeders at the SBRT Event held in Nottingham – at Eastwood Hall, Nottingham.

The SBRT is a biennial gathering of sheep farmers and scientists to discuss the issues that influence the breeding of sheep in the industry.

2017 Attendees

Full Programme and presentations can be found here

Megan Watkins, Millend Flock – Herefordshire

“I enjoyed a weekend full of information to the theme of “Thinking Positively”. One highly anticipated aspect of the weekend was the release of the RamCompare results. I was pleased to see that Texels stood their ground, comparing particularly well in the overall carcass merit. “Genetics were the main focus of the weekend and it was extremely enlightening to see all of the work that is going on within the industry in order to move it forward. I would like to thank the Texel Sheep Society along with The South Wales Texel Club for enabling me to attend the weekend, I learnt so much, met numerous industry experts and thoroughly enjoyed it.” Megan added that she was always looking to improve the Millend flock. “I am keen to tailor the flock to crucial commercial traits as well as maintaining Texel character. I plan to do this by buying rams with the qualities I want to emphasise in the flock and analysing the performance of the ewes, only keeping my proven and consistent family lines. “Looking ahead I believe the use of genomics has tremendous capabilities and we should focus on putting this knowledge to use by making flock management decisions based on this once genomic tests become available.”

Rob Higgins, Bentley Ford Flock – Shropshire

“The Sheep Breeders Round Table was a highly interesting weekend which provided a number of insights in to the sheep industry and the genetic advances in breeding which are now becoming more available to us as breeders. “Of particular interest was insight in to the financial benefits to selecting for desirable EBVs and how they are evolving and rebasing to suit the changing needs of the sheep industry. “However, for both myself and many others the most interesting speaker was Rizvan Khalid from Euro Quality Lamb on how the Muslim market is growing and evolving and how demand from this sector of the population will rapidly increase over the next few years.” Rob says he believes the evolution of genomic testing in coordination with performance recording will revolutionise the sheep sector, having seen the effectiveness of genomic testing in the dairy sector.”

Rob Higgins, Ailish Ross, Megan Watkins, Rosie Hetherington, Ed Smith

2015 Attendees

Robert Evans, Hope Valley Texels – Shropshire,
Charlotte Watkins, Millend flock – Herefordshire,
Phil Loveland, Greylands flock – Kent
Anna Minnice-Hughes, Pen Parc flock – Welshpool,
Molly Hobbs, Elkstone flock – Gloucestershire

2013 Attendees

Robert Pierce
Beth Lawrence – Rhiew flock
Sam Palmer – Ninevh flock

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