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Texel crosses leading spring lamb trade

Texel sired new season lambs have been heavily in demand at primestock sales so far this year, attracting premium prices at sales across the country in the early part of this week and the latter part of last week

At Skipton on Monday John and James Dugdale, of Stackhouse, topped the sale at £133/head with a Texel pen sold to Keelham Farm Shop, Skipton and Thornton, while Thomas Fall, Middleham, sold Texel lambs to a high of £131 each, these falling to Felliscliffe’s Andrew Atkinson.

Meanwhile, further north at St Boswells trade peaked at 280.8p/kg for Texel crosses, with Saturday’s sale at Newark seeing Sam Crossland sell 39kg Texel lambs at the day’s highest price of 303p/kg and Graham Howsam sold 57kg Texel lambs to a trade topping £126.

Monday’s sale at Lanark saw a top call of 296.1p/kg for Texels from W J Marhsall, Starlaw, while per head prices hit a high of £125.50 for 45kg Texels from R Reid, Bengal. 

Texel Sheep Society chairman David McKerrow said earlier lambing flocks were able to capitalise on the Texel’s quick growth coupled with exceptional carcass balance and ability to carry finish at any weight. “With prime lamb trade some 40p/kg ahead of the same week last year it is clear there is a further premium being paid for the best of the Texel cross lambs forward.

“The breed’s ease of finishing and ability to finish early means there is a real opportunity for many farmers to capitalise on the current trade,” he added.

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