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Show Dates & Reports

Agricultural Shows Holding Pedigree Texel Classes 2018

For more information and entry forms contact the show organisers directly.

The Society updates the Show details, only when informed of dates and details by the Show Secretaries.

Sales & Shows Conditions of Entry

Nottinghamshire County Show

12-13th May 2018

Royal Ulster Show

16th-19th May 2018

Otley Show

19th May 2018

Northumberland County Show

26th May 2018

 Staffordshire County Show

30 and 31 May 2018

Royal Bath and West Show

30th May-2 June 2018

Royal Cornwall Show

7th-9th June 2018

Royal Three Counties Show

15th-17th June 2018

North Yorkshire County Show

17th June 2018

 Royal Highland Show

21st-24th June 2018

Derbyshire County Show

24th June 2018

 Great Yorkshire Show

10th-12th July 2018

Newport Show

14th July 2018

 Royal Welsh Show

23rd-26th July 2018

Camelford Show

8th August 2018

 Dunster Show

17th August 2018

Egton Show

22nd August 2018

Melplash Show

23rd August 2018

 Bowes Show

8th September 2018

Westmorland Show

13th September 2018


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