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Semen Ordering Procedure

Texel Semen Directory – Order & Booking

Interested purchasers are required to contact individual advertisers (click here for full address details) for further information on their ram(s) and to ensure supply of semen to your chosen AI service provider.

To ensure compliance with UK AI industry standard and accepted practice, purchasers have the responsibility to instruct their own AI companies of their full semen order requirements, to ensure that their chosen AI provider transports the semen with their AI team.

GB Clients

  • The purchser should make payment for the semen direct to the Owner/Advertiser of the semen, and post payment along with a completed order form.
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser to issue a receipt to the purchaser and to also instruct the company storing the semen on the advertiser’s behalf to release the purchased number of straws and doses to the purchasers.
  • In all circumstances the purchaser should advise their own AI company of the semen that they have ordered.

Download Booking Form

NI & Exports

Purchasers should clarify directly with the advertiser if the semen advertised is eligible for export outside Great Britain. Once understood, an order should be made directly with the advertiser who will inform the storage company of the request.

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