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Scottish National Sale – 2011

Scottish National Show & Sale – Lanark

Texel Rams to 46,000gns at Lanark

Texel breeders proved the widespread appeal of the breed at Lanark on Thursday, with a strong entry of lambs meeting demand from pedigree and commercial flocks the length and breadth of the UK.

It was the sound commercial attributes of the breed, coupled with a high number of high indexed sheep which drew the bids from a capacity ringside and left breed society chief executive John Yates delighted with the trade.

The crowd was bolstered by an 18 strong delegation of French breeders who were highly impressed with the quality of the sheep on offer, said Mr Yates. “The French breeders were both surprised and delighted with the quality of the tups at the sale. They have gone home eager to purchase UK Texel genetics to put in to their progeny testing programme in France and are likely to buy semen this year and live animals in future years.”

Foyle View Superstar 46,000gns
Foyle View Superstar

Leading the sale was one of the picks of the yard before the sale and a lamb talked up to big money lived up to the pre-sale chat, with Foyle View Superstar (SMV1100017) collecting the day’s biggest call at 46,000gns.

Bred by Michael Smyth, he is a son of Straidarran Ranger (WXS1000004) out of a dam by the noted Douganhill McFly (GCK06073) and sold to a quartet of Scottish breeders; the Wight family, Midlock, Gordon and David Gray, Ettrick, Richard Wood, Kingledores, and Peter and Lynn Gray, Scrogtonhead.

Hull House Space Cowboy 32,000gns
Hull House Space Cowboy

A 32,000gns bid came from John Forsyth, Glenside, when he bought the first of the day from John Mellin’s Hull House flock. This was Hull House Space Cowboy (MJH1101543), a Castlecairn Red Arrow (RNA1000080) son out of a Castleknowe Matchmaker (BKL06075) daughter. He has an index of 233 and was subject to a fierce bidding battle before Mr Forsyth got the winning bid in.

Cambwell Socrates 28,000gns
Cambwell Socrates

Taking a 28,000gns bid was the best from Robert Laird’s Cambwell pen. This was Cambwell Socrates (LTC1100512), the male champion from the Royal Highland. He’s a son of Cowal Powerhouse (CKC09911)and out of a dam by Cambwell Laird (LTC05507). Buying this one was the Campbell family for their Cowal flock.

Milnbank Special One 25,000gns
Milnbank Special One

Robbie Wilson’s Milnbank flock took a 25,000gns bid for Milnbank Special One (LYM1100405), a Glenside Razzle Dazzle (FPG1000055) son out of a Glenside Lieutenant (FPG05077) daughter. He had stood sixth at the Highland and was in the first prize group here. This one was split between Martin and Cyril Millar, Millar’s, and Charlie Boden, Sportsmans.

Strathbogie Smokey Blue 24,000gns
Strathbogie Smokey Blue

The Innes family then sold at 24,000gns, with this paid for Strathbogie Smokey Blue (IJS1100074), a Glenside Razzle Dazzle (FPG1000055) son out of a dam by Hexel Lexus (MZH05195) He went in a three way split to Messrs Knox, Haddo, Clark, Garngour and Bagan, Waterlands.

Sportsmans Supreme 20,000gns
Sportsmans Supreme

The Sportsmans pen from Charlie Boden enjoyed a strong trade, with his best selling at 20,000gns. This was Sportsmans Supreme (BGS1100303) a Kelso Pavarotti( MBZ09002) son out of a dam by Muiresk Northern Dancer (MSK07634). This one sold in a three way split to Robert Laird, Cambwell, Albert Howie, Knock, and Kenny Pratt, Hilltop.

Proctors Samurai 16,000gns
Proctors Samurai

Early in the sale the Procters Farm pen got trade going with a bit of fire, selling to a top of 16,000gns for Procters Samurai (PFD1100985) a Haddo Ringleader (KWJ1000063) son out of a dam by Castleknowe Matchmaker (BKL06075). He went to the Innes family, Strathbogie.

Tullagh Saracen 14,000gns
Tullagh Saracen

A quartet of lambs sold through the day at 14,000gns, with the first of these coming from the Currie family who were continuing their strong form from Ballymena last week. Their best at Lanark was Tullagh Saracen (CJT1100211), a Kelso Picasso (MBZ09040) son out of Gruig Outlaw. (VMA08124) He went to the Dunlop family, Elmscleugh.

Sportsmans Superstar 14,000gns
Sportsmans Superstar

At the same money was Sportsmans Superstar (BGS1100223) from Charlie Boden. This is a Baltier Panther (FEB09977) son out of a dam by Castlecairn Nile God (RNA07149). He found a new home in Wales with a consortium led by Iolo Jones, Llangwm.

Clinterty Samba – 14,000gns
Sportsmans Superstar

Taking the third 14,000gns call was Clinterty Samba I (BBY1100175) from Brian Buchan. This Clinterty Par One (BBY09643) son is out of an Ettrick Mighty Mouse (GGH06167) dam and has an index of 302 and sold to Peter Vaughan, Kingsland, Messrs Draper, Claybury, and Stephen Cobbald, Lavenham.

Cowal Saltire 14,000gns
Cowal Saltire

The final lamb to make this money was the champion from the pre-sale show, Cowal Saltire (CKC1100271) from the Campbell family. This Knock Reebok (HAK1000041) son is out of a dam by Millar’s Only One (VMG08513) and had the highest index in the catalogue at 428.

He had won the recorded class at Great Yorkshire and the same class at Lanark. He went to a Northern Irish consortium including Richard Henderson, Ballynahone, and Alistair Gault, Forkins.

Carran Sutherlands Star 12,000gns
Carran Sutherlands Star

Selling for 12,000gns was Carran Sutherland’s Star (SCK1100086), from Angus Mackay Sutherland. This is by Baltier Panther (FEB09977) and out of a dam by Crewburn Lorenzo (HBC05004) and sold to Peter Woof, Stainton.

Glenside Silver Star 12,000gns
Glenside Silver Star

Another transaction at this price saw John Forsyth, Glenside, sell his best of the day, Glenside Silver Star (FPG1100301). This is a son of 2010 sire of the year Strathbogie Python (IJS09289) out of a dam by Claybury Istabraq (DHL02065) which had previously been champion at the Highland and the Royal on two occasions. He was snapped up by Alistair Beaton, Wester Crosshill.

Milnbank Sound Investment 12,000gns
Milnbank Sound Investment

And at 12,000gns again was Milnbank Sound Investment (LYM1100375) from Robbie Wilson. This is another by Razzle Dazzle (FPG1000055) and out of a Clinterty Las Vegas (BBY05061) daughter. He was in the first prize group and was shared by Robert Cockburn, Connachan and Kerr Jarvie, Tapanui.

Tophill Spartacus 11,000gns
Tophill Spartacus

Then following on at 11,000gns was Tophill Spartacus (HPH1100197) from David Houghton, an ET son of Tamnamoney Rob Roy (SRY1000050) out of a dam by Knock Orion (HAK08955) He went to Robert Scott, Drumpark, Graham Morrisson, Deveronvale, Messrs D N Campbell, Bardnaclavan and Rodney Blackhall, Sheeoch.

Bruce Goldie’s first lamb in the ring, Goldies Supreme (GJG1100397) a Livery Predator (VTL09922) son with an index of 350 and out of a dam by Straidarran Legacy (WXS05019) then sold at 10,000gns to Arnold Park, Drinkstone, T Nesbitt, Alwent, Richard Oates, Lumbylaw and J & S Wilkinson, Langlands.

One of the earliest lots in the sale and one of the most talked about was the winner of the novice class from Richard Wood. This was Kingledores Scaramouche (WRK1100057) the first Texel sold from the flock and a Glenside Ring A Ding (FPG1000054) son out of a dam by Kiltariff Osprey (BBK08071) He went to R Bennett, Meiford, Powys, at 8000gns

Also at this price was Sportsmans Showman (BGS1100287) from Charlie Boden. This one is a Cowal Rob Roy II (CKC1000214) son out of a dam by Castlecairn Nile God (RNA07149), He sold to the Knox family, Haddo.

Shearling rams

Leading the shearling rams was the first prize winner from the show selling at 2200gns. This was Parkhouse Rooster (BAH1000007) from A Barr, he’s a Deveronvale Oddie (MGV08332) son out of a dam by Baltier King (FEB04050). Buying him was Mr Yeo, North Church.

At 1800gns was Ettrick Rocket Man (GGH1000188) from Gordon Gray. This is by Mitchellhill Paparazzi (KJM09015) and out of a dam by Hewer Hill Mr Big (SHM06017) and went with an index of 206, being bought by Michael Strong, Hewer Hill.

Average; 369 ram lambs £2345.61, four shearling rams £1391.25.

Shearling ewes sell to 5800gns

A capacity ringside saw shearling ewes sell to a top of 5800gns at the Scottish Premier Sale, Lanark, on Wednesday evening, with top genetics eagerly sought after.

5800gns shearling ewe – GGH1000187 from Gordon Gray
5800gns shearling ewe

Selling for the evening’s best price was a shearling ewe from Gordon Gray’s Ettrick flock. This was GGH1000187, an ET bred daughter of Mitchelhill Paparazzi (KJM09015) out of a homebred dam by Castlecairn Kung Foo Fighter (RNA04330)

With a stack of first class breeding behind her, including an ET sister which was first prize shearling ewe at this year’s Royal Highland Show, she was keenly bid for. The eventual buyer was R E J Pierce, Chester, for the Oldford flock. She has an index of 266.

Taking the first of two 5500gns calls of the night was the reserve champion from the pre-sale show, a Fachell On Approval (MIF08827) daughter from Peter Woof’s Stainton flock. Again ET bred, this one, WPS1000028, is out of a dam by Cambwell Mountain (LTC06046) and was knocked down to Stephen Cobbold, Suffolk.

Female champion from Frank Griffiths, Tushingham sold for 5,500gns
Female champion

The other at this price was the female champion, Frank Griffiths’ shearling ewe by Teiglum Pledge (CFT096687) from his Tushingham flock, GAR1000006. This single born ewe is out of a dam by Tushingham Mainstream (GAR06002) and had previously been reserve breed champion at Cheshire County Show earlier this summer. She was bought by Mr Warren, York.

4200gns shearling ewe – GGH1000152 from Gordon Gray
4200gns shearling ewe

Then selling at 4200gns was another from Gordon Gray, another by Mitchellhill Paparazzi (KJM09015) This was GGH1000152, a twin born ewe out of a Teiglum Nevada (CFT07801) daughter. She sold with an index of 227 to Stephen Cobbold.

A 2000gns sale was the next best price of the evening, with this money paid by Welsh vet Esmor Evans, Mold, for a shearling from Peter Vaughan. This was a Knock Powerpacker (HAK091057) daughter, VPK1000038, an embryo bred ewe out of a dam by Muiresk Blondin (MSK95017)

Just before this was the second of the sale from Frank Griffiths, GAR1000020. Sired by Teiglum Pledge (CFT096687) and out of a Baltier King-sired dam she sold to Stuart Barclay at 1700gns.

And making 1500gns was one from John Mellin’s Hull House flock. This was MJH1000087, a twin born daughter of Springhill Norris (FTS07014) out of a dam by Castleknowe Matchmaker (BKL06075) With an index of 192 she found a new home with Alistair Beaton, Wester Crosshill, Falkirk.

Average; 60 shearling ewes £946.93

(Lawrie and Symington).

Photos available from MacGregor Photography

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