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Recorded rams wanted for R&D projects

Performance recorded Texel rams are required for use as service sires in the Society’s genomic research projects which are investigating hard to measure health and meat quality traits.

Over the next two breeding seasons a minimum of 80 sires are required, explains Texel Sheep Society R&D project manager Ed Smith. “A minimum of 45 are needed this year and the Society would prefer to buy a mix of ram lambs and shearlings, although frozen semen may be considered if there are insufficient ram nominations.

“To be eligible for nomination rams must be performance recorded, with full weight records submitted and ultrasound and CT scanning having been done as lambs.

“Naturally rams must also be physically sound and capable of natural service. They should also be free from caseous lymphadenitis, Johnes disease, Border disease and orf. They must also come from MV accredited flocks.”

 Breeders who feel they have suitable rams should check the full selection criteria and complete the nomination form for consideration in the first round of selection and return it to Ed Smith by 28th July by emailing

Once nominations have been received they will be considered and breeders notified accordingly, adds Mr Smith.

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