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Benefits of Joining

The Benefits of joining

As a member of the Texel Sheep Society you’re part of a family of more than 2000 like-minded breeders.

Members support a wide range of work undertaken by the Society, including promoting the breed both at home and overseas, and research and development of the Texel breed helping maintain the breed’s position as the most commercially valuable sire in the UK.

Alongside these activities the Society also maintains the pedigree and performance database of the breed, aiding genetic improvement through performance recording and the collection of data measurements.

Members can access a range of online services through the Society website, including the BASCO database to record births, deaths and sales as well as performance data. In addition to this, members can use the BASCO In-Breeding tool to select their next purchases and/or mating decisions.

Society members can also enter stock for sale at a wide range of Society and regional club sales across the UK and enter Texel breed classes at agricultural shows the length and breadth of the country.

The Society produces a range of publications each year, many of which are exclusive to members and offer unique advertising opportunities enabling members to promote their flocks to fellow members and the wider industry.

Importantly, members form the largest collective sheep breeding group in Europe, helping speed up the rate of genetic gain of our breed and improve productivity delivering benefits to the wider agricultural and food industry.

Regional clubs across the UK also form a business and social hub for Texel breeders, giving members the opportunity to mix and socialise with fellow breeders and others with an interest in the breed.

All new members are required to pay by direct debit and use the BASCO online flock book services.



Joining Fee: £60 (inclusive of VAT) – payable on application

Subscription Fee: £54.21 (inclusive of VAT) – payable on application and annually thereafter

Joining Fee: FREE

Subscription Fee: £27.11 (inclusive of VAT) – payable on application and annually thereafter

Society Fees January 2019 

Please print, complete and sign the direct debit mandate and post to the Society office with any registration certificates and ram dockets to add to your flock.

Post to: Texel Sheep Society, Unit 74, 4th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG

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