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Jean-Pierre Garnier to leave AHDB

The Texel Society is sorry to hear that Jean-Pierre Garnier is leaving his role as AHDB’s head of livestock export trade development.

Mr Garnier, known to many throughout the industry as JP, is due to leave his role in January 2018 after 13 years at AHDB and having helped reopen export markets in a number of countries in the wake of the BSE crisis and Foot-and-Mouth outbreaks.

Texel Sheep Society chief executive John Yates said JP has had incredible energy and optimism in helping promote British genetics and produce across the globe.

“JP’s drive to support the beef and lamb industry at the breeder, producer and processor level has been evident, with exports of Texel livestock and Texel sired genetics often at the forefront of the quality driven export market.

“His enthusiasm will be sorely missed in what is most definitely the most critical  periods in UK sheep industry, which relies so heavily on export markets, with more than 35% of all UK sheepmeat being exported.”

Mr Yates said it had been a pleasure to work with JP on a number of occasions in helping promote British Texels to both European and worldwide audiences. “In particular JP was heavily involved in supporting and arranging both inward and outward missions of livestock breeders to be developed which helped develop business relationships at the grass roots level.

“Managing the uncertainty that Brexit provides will require positive and progressive individuals, such as JP, to engage with global trading partners to sustain current markets and equally as importantly open new markets as we compete on a global stage.

“This is something JP has excelled in during his tenure, which included very sensitive periods, such as during periods of disruption caused by disease breakdown at a national level.

“I and everyone involved in the Texel Sheep Society wishes JP all the very best in future and owe JP a huge debt of gratitude for all he has done for the UK industry in the past,” added Mr Yates.




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