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English National Sale – 2011

English National Show & Sale – Worcester

The ram trade at the English National Texel sale, Worcester, was underpinned by a strong local commercial demand, with a number of breeders creaming off the best of the rams for pedigree use.

Sale Ring
Sale Ring

Society chief executive John Yates was delighted with the sale, which rounded off a hectic fortnight of national sales in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. “It is the widespread commercial demand for quality Texel rams which has made for a hugely successful series of sales for the breed. Breeders are to be commended for providing exactly the type of tups demanded by their customers.


“I’m equally confident in the success of the regional club sales which will now follow in the coming weeks and no doubt these will also be backed by commercial buyers.”

Milnbank Shoot the Sherriff
Milnbank Shoot the Sherriff – (LYM1100393) – 3500gns

Leading the sale at Worcester was a 3500gns bid, with this price paid for Milnbank Shoot the Sherriff (LYM1100393) from Robbie Wilson. This is a son of Glenside Razzle Dazzle (FPG1000055) out of a dam by Glenside Lieutenant (FPG05077) and is an ET brother to Robbie’s 25,000gns lamb (LYM1100405) from Lanark last week. This one sold to Stephen Cobbald, Suffolk for the Lavenham flock.

Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie
Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie – (EJR1101108) – 3400gns

Selling at 3400gns was Roxburgh Shot Gun Willie (EJR1101108) from John Elliott. This lamb, the second highest indexed lamb in the country is by Drinkstone Peacemaker (PJP09040) and out of a dam by Lumbylaw Malton (ORL06083) and has an index of 445. He went to David Prince, Stonedge.

Strathbogie Stonker - 3400gns
Strathbogie Stonker – (IJS1100018) – 3400gns

Another 3400gns call secured the winner of the novice class in the pre-sale show, Strathbogie Stonker (IJS1100018) from James Innes and Son. This is by Mossknowe Pudsey (FWM09627) and out of a dam by Annan Limmy (JKA05094) and sold to the Claybury and Kingsland flocks of Messrs Draper and Vaughan, respectively.

Cambwell Stewart - 3400gns
Cambwell Stewart – (LTC1100528) – 3400gns

Taking another 3400gns bid was the champion from the pre-sale show, Cambwell Stewart (LTC1100528) from Robert Laird. This is a Cowal Powerhouse (CKC09911) son and is full ET brother Cambwell Socrates (LTC1100512) sold for 28,000gns at Lanark last week.

He is out of a dam by Cambwell Laird (LTC05507) and has an index of 316. Buying him was the judge Craig Ridley, Haltcliffe, in partnership with Messrs Pyman, Thacka.

Loosebeare Red - 3200gns
Loosebeare Red – (QE000013) – 3200gns

Then the reserve overall champion, shearling ram, Loosebeare Red (QE000013) from the Quick family sold at 3200gns. This is by Summerwood Grand Union (PHS00001) and out of a dam by Douganhill Ferrari (GCK99025). He went to S P and C P Williams.

Glenside Sexpistol - 3100gns
Glenside Sexpistol – (FPG1100333) – 3100gns

At 3100gns was Glenside Sex pistol (FPG1100333) from John Forsyth. This is by Strathbogie Python (IJS09289) and out of a dam by Castlecairn L A Lover (RNA05065) and was bought by M and S Jones, Racecourse.

Roxburgh Spit Fire - 3000gns
Roxburgh Spit Fire – (EJR1101073) – 3000gns

Making 3000gns was another from John Elliot’s pen, Roxburgh Spit Fire (EJR1101073), the highest indexed lamb in the country at 454. He is similarly bred to the 3400gns Roxburgh lamb, being by Peacemaker and out of a Lumbylaw Malton (ORL06083) dam. He was knocked down to John Vaughan and P and L Phillips.

Whitehart Spot - 3000gns
Whitehart Spot On – (HWN1100566) – 3000gns

And then at 3000gns was Whitehart Spot on (HWN1100566) from N Hartwright. This is by Humeston River Dance (GIH1000033). He is out of a dam by Broomknowes Lion King (GWB05110) and was fifth in the novice class. He found a new home with Messrs Quick, Loosebeare.

Mellor Vale Star - 2700gns
Mellor Vale Star – (BCM1100083) – 2700gns

Selling for 2700gns was Mellor Vale Star (BCM1100083) from Charlie Boden. This is a Cowal Rob Roy (CKC87014) son out of a dam by Haddo Knoxie (KWJ04424). Buying this one was R G Jones and Sons, Camrose, Haverford west.

A 2600gns bid was enough to secure the best of the day from the Draper family’s Claybury flock, a Tamnamoney Ned (SRY07010) son in the form of Claybury Shakespeare (DHL1100069). This is out of a dam by Muiresk Forever (MSK99024) and has an index of 255.

Allanfauld Spartan - 2600gns
Allanfauld Spartan – (XMM1101559) – 2600gns

Also at 2600gns was the first prize winner from the recorded lamb class, Allanfauld Spartan (XMM1101559) from the MacGregors. This is by 18,000gns sire Allanfauld Rockafella (XMM1000014) and out of a dam by Garngour Nobleman (CJN07610). He has an index of 357. This one was sold to R C L Watts, Rowden.

Procters Saracen - 2500gns
Procters Saracen – PFD1100981 – 2500gns

And at 2500gns was Procters Saracen (PFD1100994) from Procters Farm. This is a Haddo Ringleader (KWJ1000063) son out of a dam by Ettrick McCoist (GGH06073) and has an index of 259. He went home with Hywel Thomas, Cennen.

Second best of the day in the shearlings was a 2260gns call for Roxburgh Renegade (EJR1000139) from John Elliott. This is a Drinkstone Peacemaker (PJP09040) daughter out of a dam by Lumbylaw Malton (ORL06083) and has an index of 314 and sold to E Williams and Son, Stelfox.

And selling at 2100gns was the first of the day from Gordon Gray, Ettrick Simply Scottish (GGH1101033). This is a Knock Papoose (HAK091075) son out of a dam by Hewer Hill Mr Big (SHM06017) and has an index of 258. Claiming this one was J Chapman, Wicksted.

Averages; 188 ram lambs £870.29, 41 shearling rams £854.60

Texel females sold to a packed ringside at Worcester with breeders keen to secure new lines for their flocks.

With an 84% clearance, up by 3% on last year, and an average of £563 for 71 sold Society chief executive John Yates said it was a mark of the breed’s strength that breeders were keen to buy ewes to expand numbers.

“The ring was the busiest ever seen at Worcester for a Texel sale and that is without a doubt a mark of the commercial success of the breed.”

1 Top Priced Female lot 18
Top Priced Female from the BEAUTRY flock – CUB1000147 – 1500gns

Top call in the sale was a 1500gns bid for one from Stuart Currie’s Beautry flock. This was a Procters Oswald (PFD08392) daughter, out of a dam by Culzean Next Best, (GIL07012). With an index of 284 she sold to Messrs Boden and Davies for the Sportsmans flock.

Another from the same home and similarly bred, being by Oswald again then sold at 1400gns. This one is out of a Beautry Ludlow (CUB05101) daughter and sold with an index of 217 to A J Carter, Dawlish, Devon.

Making 1100gns was the first shearling in the ring from Peter Woof’s Stainton flock. She is a Kelso Planet, (MBZ0915) daughter out of a dam by Crookholm Moscow Flyer (MKC06030) and had stood third in the pre-sale show. Buying this one were D and J Chambers for the Twelve Oaks flock.

Following that at 1000gns was a Hexel Panzer Tank (MZH09219) daughter from Robin Kellet. This one from the Parkhill flock is out of a dam by Knock Kingdom (HAK04324) and sold to R N I Waters, Clun, Craven Arms.

Shortly behind that at 980gns was another from the same home, this time a Knock Panache (HAK091099) daughter out of a dam by Alwent Lacoste (NTA05079). She was bought by C A Freeman, Rushden.

And another from the same flock then made 900gns when selling to C A Smale, South Molton, Devon. This one was by Kingsland Perfect Storm (VPK09019) and had been female champion in the pre-sale show. She is out of a dam by Talcoed Lusty (HQT05099).

Then at 920gns was one from Aubrey and Sue Andrews’ Miserden flock, this was a Miserden Nuther Cracker (AAS07993) daughter and out a dam by Salocin Nick (TNS07076). She sold to Messrs Williams, Efailwen, Carmarthenshire.

Average; 71 shearling ewes £563

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