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Agraria Show – 2011


Breed Promotions turned to Romania earlier in May, which saw the 5th year of British Texel promotions in this country. Texel one of the few sheep breeds along with Hampshire Down that have continued to support British Genetics promotions. Romania has only the National Flock expansion of all the EU Nations. Whilst it has been troubled with bureaucratic issues and compliance with EU, exports of sheep genetics from the Uk look promising.

Agraria exhibition, in the small town of Cluj was not only very interesting but a resounding success with strong interest for Texel breed. The exhibition was well supported by local farmers keen to understand the benefits of using terminal sires.

Lamb is most popular at Easter, which forces their lambing dates earlier than expected by most with peak tupping in early September. Well situated for the Asian and Italian markets, where a heavier, better quality lamb will command a better price. Romanian producers are increasing their understanding of increasing productivity with meat production, to supply demand to local export markets, whilst ensuring their local native breed is maintained for milk production.

New shipments of Texel are planned for July.

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